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My wife Jane has an old student friend, Rita. Rita has been divorced 10 years and comes to us for dinner at home again. We usually all end up in bed at night, with my support of the two women. Early last summer, Rita went to Spain holiday with a friend and met a boy Gordon, who had come to entertain clients for your business idustrial heating. Rita did in September I asked Jane if you go to Spain for tnaflix a week to keep him company while I was playing golf Gordon with their customers and then tnaflix go on all meals at night. Gordon had hired a 4 bedroom detached villa with private pool near Marbella. I had no objections to Jane go on holiday and topping up your tan on. Regularly nude sunbathing, tanning for all. When Jane came back he said he had a confession. On the first day, while Gordon and his clients were naked tnaflix men away during the day sunbathing and Rita, and when the men returned, they tnaflix were out of Rita and all use of the pool. Jane tnaflix said the males, where unattractive and not Leo, a black man had a tail of 8 inches. They kept playing in the pool and the men to refresh and Jane Rita. In short, they all had erections. Rita Gordon began to fuck in the pool. Janet went out and got a sunbed. Karl, now with the big cock in a 12-inch was Jane and sat on the couch next to her. She said: 'I bet that Pol makes many women happy. ' He said he feels. He stood up and started playing with it. Her first black cock. She's got legs and began to intervene in, rub it with her ass facing the pool. She started sucking, she said she could not suck everything in his mouth and rubbed the bottom of his penis with his right hand and rubbed his chest with his left hand. Then he felt a hand on his back and looked around and the other was John alleviate mounting their 7 inches in her pussy. It was his first spit - roast. John evacuated for fiveMinutes, he withdrew and sprayed his cum on the back. Karl told him to lay in bed. It has in it and began to fuck. He had good control, he took her to a climax and took it for 10 minutes. He leaned back and took the mouth. As Jane choked his sperm into her throat. To force the next 5 days Jane was personally slaves who cater to every sexual whim. Even shaving her pussy. Every time I went into the night, had to wear a bra over her tits and panties 36d no. At first I was angry, jealous and angry. Things have now works better. Now I'm going to Spain with Gordon, tnaflix Rita and Jane.
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